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Use the bus, the subway or a commuter train and get a federal income tax credit from your public transit pass.

Protect the environment and save more money with public transit!

Increasing your use of public transit will help reduce traffic congestion and air pollution in our cities. Since July 1, 2006, the Government of Canada is encouraging Canadians to use public transit with a tax credit to help cover the cost of public transit. The tax credit is applicable for buses, streetcars, subways, commuter trains and local ferries.
Find out now about the tax credit for public transit.

Conscious about Getting More Rewards from Tax? Now you can Pay by Credit Card

When you think about taxes and credit cards such the ones as described on - Canadian Credit Cards it is not likely that you think these two have much of a relationship. However, in recent months these two types of payments have actually joined forces to assist Canadian consumers manage their financial responsibilities with greater ease.

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Have you ever Considered a Payday Loan?

Many of us have high hopes that we can achieve income levels that will far exceed our financial demands. However, often enough after we have paid our bills, and purchased all the necessities we require, we are not left with very much in the way of income, which has left a huge market for both unreputable and reputable online payday loan lenders. Post credit given to

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Why Personal Injury & Taxation Aren’t That Different…

Just like learning more about your Canadian taxes, we all need to understand about what to do when we get into an accident and the corresponding insurance benefits in provinces like quebec. If you think about it, taxes and injuries are quite similar. They are both things that we have to think about but most of don’t really like to. Even if you work in a fairly safe environment, you still need to be aware of your rights in the case of an injury or accident.

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Getting Certified with H2S Alive…

Just like we want to maximize our tax credits through public transit deductions, we all want to minimize our exposure to hazards at work. Many of us in Canada work in environments that can be hazardous and dangerous to our health. We are fortunate enough to work in a country that has is fairly progressive when it comes to safety standards and regulations. Those of us who are working in a potentially harmful environment should be going through extensive health and safety training. We want to keep safe not only to protect our health but also so we can keep working to maximize our earnings over time.

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Saving money just got easier

Find out how to save money with the federal income tax credit for public transit passes.

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Cleaner air for all Canadians

Reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Making your community healthier

Use public transit and contribute to cleaner air and a healthier environment.

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